Monday, July 07, 2008

Rajinikanth Re-invented ..

No.. its not about the Cartoon movie or Kuselan ..

This is about 'Wanted' starring Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman..
To summarize this type of movie was done in K/T/B/ollywoods in th 80s and the 90s and everyone ridiculed it. Its now the turn of Hollywood to enter the bandwagon.
- Bullets curl around
- Bullets are cut with knives
- bullets cancel out bullets (as in mahabharata where arujuna nullifies bhishmas arrow)
- there are some twists and turns as you shall watch in any abbas-mastan movie..

when rajini used to do this (catching the bullet, cutting bullet with a knife etc), ppl (esp from north) used to ridicule this.. Now when Jolie (Zeenat Aman) and Morgan freeman (Vajra Muni) does it, it will become a cult .. (Sumanth if you felt Matrix was Mithun movie, you gotta watch this).

The story goes like this..

Morgan is the head of a mill in Chicago .. ( I prefer to call it the Binny mill).. and also a the head of a assassin faternity.. (already sounds familiar to a some desi movie)..
the yarn machine sews out the wool, which our freeman takes liberty in listing ppl he wants to kill.. (they add complexity here by saying it churns out a binary code and you can get a name from this.. too hi-tec)

they find this rajini chap , (who is an accountant before ).. but son of a powerful assassin and has extreme powers inherirted (through jeans oops genes).. and send Jolie to get him .. (this again is bollywood) and convince him that if he doesnt kill the GUY whose name is produced by the Binny Mill machine , then that guy will indeed kill some 1000 ppl .. she does this by narrating her child hood story of her father being duped, tortured and killed (tell me how many desi movies doesnt have a similar plot)..

they train our Rajini chap ..(all the bullet skills he need) using computer graphics .. and make him a superstar (aka rajini).. and then they set him chase to kill this guy who is suppose to be the killer of his father..

but it turns out that man who Rajini is after to kill, is actually Rajini's father and apna Vajramuni ( Freeman ) would have hatached a plan to set the son against the father with a preconcieved thought that the father will not kill his son .. (its shame for me to repeat where u could have seen such a plot)..

and poor Rajini doesnt even understand this when the person he is after to kill (i.e his dad) resuces him from falling of a falling train .. (well need to comment here.. apna desi Rajini has higher IQ here .. he would easily blurted appppaaaa .. and shed some tears and both the father and son would go and finish freeman)...

but the hollywood rajini needs some convincing etc.. (very low EQ and IQ) ..
finally with the help of some rats (cos he has killed his dad by now) he manages to enter the Chakravyooha of Morgan freeman, where freeman defends himself saying whatever he did was right, because the binny mill machine had produced the names of his and his colleagues (including Jolie).. to be killed .. and orders his colleagues to kill Rajini..

but again in true bollywood style, Jolie (Zeenat Aman in Don.. ) fires a bullet which goes in a circle and kills a dozen before she takes into her brain .. (having had some much confusion.. she knows this is the right thing to do )..

by this time you are done.. so am I .. cant write anymore on Wanted ..

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