Thursday, October 02, 2008

10 Random Things

0. Life in the cab as usual is fun. I am using a Tempo Traveller instead of the TATA Star Bus which I used in Sasken.

1. There is one really fat loud guy who sits next to me in the cab. He wears Rayban glasses and sits in the cab and he yaps non-stop on his mobile until I reach MGRoad.

2. His mobile has Rangeela's Tanha Tanha ring tone. The starting flute sound of Tanha Tanha. He is also crazy about ringtones. Another guy has a "sweet-sounding" bird's ringtone. Some people like it. But for me, the sound gives me a sensation. The sensation of a squirrel nibbling your ears and squeaking with delight as you wither in pain.

3. Our office is gonna shift to Infantry Road....Embassy Icon near Indian express building

4. My dog's vet was upset with me because I was using the leash to drag the dog. He likes animals more than he likes human beings.

5. The actors in use case diagrams look really funny. Arms are stretched and so are the legs. Mostly the guy who conceived The Use Case Diagram was inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. But he forgot to draw the Actor's Johnson ;-)

6. I was reading about some technology which uses Refraction of light. Really interesting stuff.

7. Chitranna song in Budhdhivanta is tooooo goood. The tune is a copy of a tamil song. But the lyrics are good - courtesy Uppi. By the way the actress "Suman Ranganath" is back in the song. She is looking good.But I think she must be at least 35 or even 40 (the last time I saw her, she was paired opposite with Shankar Nag.)

8. I like to watch the new World Movies Channel. It is good!!!!

9. What should we really DO in life ? What do we like ? Who will evaluate us ? Why should we be evaluated ? Finally what is the meaning of all this in life ?

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