Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Import import

If you listen to the TOP 20 songs in Kannada charts right now, you will find most of the hits are from music directors NOT from Kannada Music Industry!

Yes, all the big names from Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam are all in the Kannada Industry.

Devisri Prasad, Premji Gangai, Vijay Anthony and the mallu director Jessi Gift are all in Kannada.

Kannada Industry seems to be following the fact from India Inc. : If you can't match them because of demand, get them!!!!!

Of course the other industries are doing the same : getting Gurukiran, Harikrishna, Mano Murthy...

Whatever, the result is pleasant music.

Devisri Prasad is like Rahman of Telegu movies. "Sangama" title song is amazing. The Veena(or sitar?) is sounding haunting...I have to see the movie for the song itself.What melody!

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Sridhar Raman said...

Prem G Amaren's Nannusire is actually the best album he has composed across languages. I had the songs in a non-stop loop for so long! It's hard not to be a fan of him if you watch him as a comedian in movies. If you've seen Chennai - 28, he's the dude who goes, "Enna kodumai saar idhu!"