Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Boss and reviews

have you wondered what's the main work of bosses or generally managers ..

I think its 'Review'ing.. They are born to review all the stuff done by the people under them..

create a report.. submit to your boss and you are certain to get some review comments.. if he/she is a brit, the english changes from american to brit english.. now incorporate those and submit to his boss.. now if he is a NAcan then the mode of english switches back to NAcan and you shall again get some comments.. and this goes on till you reach the CEO ..

now after doing all the changes as suggested by a dozen people, give it back to your boss (without mentioning that its been reviewd by the CEO and changes have been done accordingly).. you shall get a second round of changes (anulling the changes suggested by CEO).. and you can literally go on like this for months and years if wanted ..

to stop all these chakravyuhas .. I think you should directly go to the highest authority who will sign off your reports.. (lets consider the CEO in this example) make all the changes and send it to all those involved between you and the CEO.. saying i have created this report which is approved by the CEO.. let me know if you require any changes.. and do include THE CEO in the CC list ..

all you shall receive back is congratulations for creating an excellent report .. and use these to get your bonus ..

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