Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sex ranks 7th in Indian men's life priorities

and still Men get all the blame for being u know what.. (its not even in the top 5)

btw, the ones which took the top six positions were ..
Family life, spouse, work or career, being a parent, financial well being and physical health.

for details read this

i dont know if this true during kamasutra days..
a big improvement .. or detrioration.. depends on the magnifying glass you use..

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sudeep said...

For libertine cultures (in some countries) I guess "Family Life", "Being a Parent" might be of a lower priority.

Probably this is one of the reasons for that kind of population explosion....I feel a strong family lives in a society contributes to larger numbers within the family.

But really why do they bother to conduct such surveys ?

With less sleep and now some horribly self-prepared tea using tea-bags I am feeling a little groggy today ...