Sunday, October 05, 2008

early wee hours

blogging at 3:30 am sucks .. another disturbed night.. another wrecked day tomorrow..
its become so common now that i have to finally vomit/admit on the blog..

living with typhoons is no mean task .. the incessant 'oooooooooooo' sounds of the wind .. the rattling of windows .. the doors shaking everything can drive u nuts .. and ppl talk about man damaging the environment crap is nature spoiling my sleep ..probably for the dozenth (not sure if this is a word.. but at 3:40am it becomes one) time in less than 3 months..

i am here complaining about it so strongly and the wind still makes that 'oooooo' noise shamelessly.. btw .. where do we lodge an official complaint against these absurd noises..

crapppppppp............even the laptop fan makes a terrible noise ..looks like most of the things are exercising 'freedom of speech'......... having blurted out like a mad man let me see if i can gather some sleep now

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