Thursday, March 04, 2010

Ashrams/ Maths/ God Men..

The atrociousness continues..

26 kids,37 women die in ashram stampede - Kunda (Pratapgarh): In one of the worst stampedes in Uttar Pradesh,63 people 26 children and 37 women were trampled to death and more than 300 injured when volunteers at godman Kripaluji Maharajs ashram in Kunda used lathis to beat back the unmanageable crowds on Thursday.

Govt orders probe into godmans activities - The Karnataka government on Thursday ordered a probe into the land held by spiritual guru Swami Nityananda Paramahamsa following the revelation of video footage allegedly of him in a compromising position with a Tamil film actress.

the economic boom in India has created a new industry of godmen and their ashrams looting people in the pretext of spirituality and helping hard working souls to find a balance in their life..

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