Monday, March 22, 2010

Google puts the Ball in the Chinese court

Well, finally there is one corporation which has to guts (stupidity in someone else's sense) to take on the mighty China. Google, starting this week has begun uncensored search by routing all the traffic to Google hong kong website. Though this is a bold move, the outcome for sure is known, Google hong kong will be blocked (working as of now).

What prompted Google to take a massive step in fighting against the laws and policies in China?
1. Was the attack on its website so bad? Did it not have the tech prowess to withstand such attacks.
2. Did Google realize that their revenues from the Chinese market will be capped to < $1billion (currently around 60% of that), even though they have captured 1/3rd of the market and were the fastest growing company in China
3. Or did Google decide enough is enough. We are an American company with great values and we need to maintain those values
4. Or is it that the US govt is twisting Google's arm (in a suttle way) to increase it pressure on China

whatever it is the latest move will be considered as Google taking head-on even though the re-routing is complied by the law..

i really dont think any company in the manufacturing sector/finance/other services could have taken such a move.. and clearly Google is showing it has the balls to do it

ps - apologies for the title being so sexist.. but it clearly conveys the message

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sarvagnaani said...

hmmm...well..i found this to be an interesting analysis..