Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The guru and shishya are looking at the sky amidst the sea of endless snow.
Shishya : The sun is placed right. He is shining.
Guru : He is not very warm yet.
Shishya : Yes.
Guru : Be careful. The ice boulder on the slippery roof might disengage and fall on your head.
Shishya : Yes. But the squirrels are now seen and the morning birds have come back from the South. The sounds of the radio room and the footballer with locks will linger in my head for sometime. The place is interesting.
Guru : Ok. Do not double dare. Sometimes life can be unforgiving and merciless for fools. Fools are not always lucky.
Shishya : I need to test the degree of eelness in my personalty. But yes the wizard is waving the wand again. The businessman does not seem to be impressed.
Guru : Hohum

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