Monday, March 01, 2010

a pattern

The alarm rings, and I snooze it.. and this repeats once more after 5 mins and on the third ring I reluctantly wake up. I see the wife still sleeping cozily. I get up envying her (she sleep 30-45 mins more than me as her office is comparatively closer and her working environment a lot more cooler), close the bedroom door, assure myself things will change the next year (i plan to retire for 3-4 months in 2011) and walk towards the kitchen.

I walk into the Kitchen, take the vessel (sometimes cleaned) wash it, pour some water from the tap and place it on the stove. Add two spoons of Sugar (sometimes need to refill the sugar bowl) and add 4 small spoons of tea and heat to the toilet. Finish brushing and the other job, I get back to Kitchen with shaving cream on my face. Have a glass of water, pour some milk(some times we are out of milk, when I curse the alcohol previous night) into the Tea, lower the flame and get back to shave. I shave, wash my face, go pour my tea and drop on the sofa.

The next 15-20 mins I switch between Bloomberg, star world and channel v. open the netbook and visit '' and check the company's stock price. Reaction varies based on stock price, and then visit, an find nothing's changed much in the world. (when I missed checking TV/News this sat there was earthquake in Chile and since we have an office in Chile it was a bad thing to miss)

finish my tea, head to the shower, sing some songs lousily, finish my shower, check my wardrobe as to whats ready to wear, finally search for a belt (brown or black whichever I get first) and head back to the living room where Haslinda Ahmed is excitedly narrating the 0.1% in Nikkei and how beautiful the morning is in Tokyo / Sydney/Singapore.. I look outside and HK looks Grey, as grey or greyer than Seattle.. I pick the shoes to match my belt.. pick my bags, phone, wallet and the door keys and remember I haven't had breakfast.. depending on the time decide to head to office or grab cornflakes/make some dosas/something else.. by this time wife has started her routine or if asleep I head back to the bedroom to kiss the wife a good bye.. and just sit there for 2-3 mins almost falling into sleep..

manage to wake up and head out of the apartment.. say "Jo San" (good morning) to the security gaurds and head towards the bus stop...

i do not see things changing much from the above pattern this year.. sometimes it might happen early or late.. sometimes in Shanghai or in Vancouver.. sometimes will have uppit/idli/avalakki for breakfast.. but except for those small vacations, this year is gonna be like this.. similar to last year......

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