Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Q1 2010

its been a great and busy Q1 2010.. I have been traveling and working crazily and having much fun at the same time.. the only drawback has been that traveling takes you off the health targets quite a bit..

Shanghai, Fiji, Vancouver and with India lined up for Easter break, it has been quite good.. i will then follow up with Shanghai and India again mostly..

The alcohol is not something you appreciate too much after all the visits.. flight food is something you will detest (doesn't matter even if it is business class)..

the restaurant food has been great.. be it the Shanghainese cuisine, Sushis, Italian and Indian in Vancouver, western/Indian in Fiji.. and a lot of food in Hong Kong..

and the Bangalore food is just 15 days away now..

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laksnj said...

B'lore in 15 days??? I hate you!
hope all's well with you guys...