Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hair today

As a kid, one of the most loathed tasks was getting an haircut. I still recollect the burn the razor left on my neck, and the hard combings of my drunk barber during some of my juvenile nightmares

Coming back to the point, back then there was a lot of effort to keep your hairs from standing up. The usual ingredient used was Coconut oil, the more sophisticated being Brylcreem and the punishment for some kids used to be Castor oil..

20 years later, the creams and the gels are used to make the hair stand up. You go to sleep, ruffle your hair, wake up, see something standing and you carefully apply some gel to keep up the standing hair..

who cares for the short-term changes as it would eventually be "hair today gone tomorrow" .. (Credit goes to SP to pulling that one-liner) and most of us would be shaving the skull as well.

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