Saturday, December 16, 2006

Killing the fun..

The whole concept behind devising exams, is to kill the fun of learning .. :D ..

The mood is quite gloomy around the campus.. The weather is awful too.
Everyone is locked in room cramming every bit to give their best in the next 4 days. Suddenly, the competitive atmosphere has brought the coldness in people and atomosphere.
No one smiles or talks .. everyone is running around.. even in the bathrooms .. 2 min baths ..

Heard that the library is overflowing .. u c reading people everywhere.. quite sadddddddd... 4 more days .. end to the drama for me atleast .. some people will have one more exam .. :D ..

A friend of mine who was to be on campus today, gave a miss .. uhhhhhhhh...

The sun isnt shining anymore on the UST campus.. exam time u c ..


sudeep said...

All the best moms.....One of the bloggers said,
After the results, either people or happy or they become philosopical..

GD said...

or bitchy