Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Lambodara Lakumikara |
Ambaa suta Amara Vinutha ||

This was a song composed by Purandara Dasa which is taught in Carnatic music.
This was the first song which was sung by Richie (from Bayview, CA) just a few hours ago !

People, welcome the new and improved and musically inclined Richie back in Bengalooru :-) for a few days only

heheh....2 more boyz will be coming this weekend. It promises to be an exciting week!


Tejaswi said...

I am still in shock.

sudeep said...

you betcha ! me too !!!!
Betan, from today I am SUdeep the Grammarian....Yeno beta, I inflict trobl;es on my existence every christmas holidays...I dunno why I do this to myself :-)