Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Africa lives on the BBC

is the name of the campaign and Ive seen a LOT of TV about that on the BBC.With the G8 summit and all that.

They have covered virtually every country except for the richer ones like SAfrica and Egypt.

One program called Nollywood explores the Nigerian film industry (which may have 2 or 3 producers ).And the adventures of an American scriptwriter who wants to produce this Nigerian film with Nigerian values.

The best program,is "Geldof in Africa."

One of the most interesting facts which was shown in the program was the theory of human migration.

ALL the people of the world , could be traced to 20 pairs(twenty Adam and Eves)

And these people migrated from Africa in search of water, because Africa was a desert or a

The people of the whole world are the descendents of these twenty people who took a decision to cross the sea from Africa to Asia.

More details about the migration here

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