Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hippy !

Well yesterday at a metro station, they announced something. I knew it meant trouble. I could see people cursing and getting down the metro and I did the same, but in a different language.

One guy , in his late 40s or 50s but dressed in a suit and tie and cleanly shaved, looks at me and asked "Indian?"

I said "Yes"

He introduces himself as Sebastian and says that there was a defect in one of the metro lines and we have to walk one station;

We get into a converstaion.

He said he has been to India 3 times in early 80s...and I asked him what are the places he saw there...He said he had been to Varnasi, Himalayas , Badri.

He said he was deeply influenzed by Indian Philosophy of Hare Rama and Hare Krishna movement.

I realised he had been a hippy that time !
If you see him now , you CANNOT IMAGINE him being a hippy.
Pinstripe suit and a plain shiny blue tie.

And then he said, "We lead a nomadic life in India and believed in Free Love!";
Free love ..... LOL
Richard Stallman could start FLF !

And he added , "In India everything is good, but it is illegal to smoke Hashish".

Varnasi-Hashish-Himalaya-India !

Wah wah wah !!!

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