Friday, July 08, 2005


Well I made bhendi masala today. I overboiled it and the bhendi masala had become a paste.The bhendi was dissolved and it was nowhere to be seen.Nonetheless, it tasted pretty cool.
I have used the word bhendi because it had a very north indian taste to it.

As a few people leave today I get a lion's share of their groceries like ghee and puliyogre powder.Something which I had not brought from India.And we discovered a shop selling the indian riz(rice)at Versailles, a town very near to Paris. Versailles is a better place than Paris, for me because it has small sized shops where you can shop peacefully.

Sidenote #1 :- cd .. is used to go one level higher, a unix command as old as the hills.
The french pronounce the word "point" as "palm".The frenchmen read the command aloud as "cd palm palm".

Sidenote #2 :- It is perfectly okay to blow out a running nose LOUDLY (i mean really very very
loudly ) here. The women also compete fiercely with the men in this regard.You can hear the snotgreen flow when the blow their nose !


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