Wednesday, July 06, 2005


As the people slog here and Depp has finished one big chunk of training, Depp is relatively free.
And one guy walks upto Depp and says in a strong accent "There are cakes at my desk".

The Depp full in anticipation walks to take the cakes , but he finds buns !
Depp is disappointed.

Depp initiates a conversation with the guy.

Depp :- We call these as buns in India.It is called as "cream buns".Cakes are different in India.

The Guy :- No, cakes are the same everywhere...I dunno what they call these in English, so I said cakes.But these are not exactly buns. Buns dont have cream.

Now, Depp cracks the french revolution quote , "If you dont have bread, eat cakes".Nobody gets the joke.

Laugh, and the world thinks that you are an idiot.

Incidentally, July 14th is a holiday here.
Depp is gonna be,watching TV like a bum


Tejaswi said...

Cream bun...I guess thats a South Bangalore local bakery (a la Venkateshwara Bakery) concept. I have not seen it even in medium size franchise bakeries like Butter Sponge.

Palya Bun and Cream Bun are the best buns around.

Sridhar Raman said...

Hello!! South Bangalore? Whats this divide withing Blore itself! I have been having cream buns since I was a kid, and I've lived in North-west Bangalore alone. :)

I think its more of an Iyengar bakery concept.

Even the honey cake that these bakeries make is so much better than the "big-players".

sudeep said...

Honey cakes are the best in Iyengar bakeries. Undoubtedly.

And the bun I ate was a cream bun.Undoubtedly.

richie said...

Well, you can have buns and eat it too :)

Tejaswi said...

Depp should cease referring to himself in the third person - it sounds extremeley uncool.