Monday, July 04, 2005

details abt the sat nite :)

AFter BV commenting abt tandoori chicken i will post abt what the guys ate this sat nite.
Nobody spoke abt the pakodas (see mail below).

It was horrible.

PS:- I ate pakodas , sambar, rice, chapathi and gravy.

Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 20:02:11 +0530
From: Milan Jain
To: Sudeep , pankajks, viswanath,Raghavendra MK,Vardhan, bmangala, Sreenivas G
Subject: Enjoy your Party tonite...

So, there is a huge party planned tonite...Hmmmm.

Let me guess...

Raghavendra will prepare his very own unique concoction of "Peas pulav" and "Tomato rice". Sudeep will help out along with his favourite onion pakoda.

Sreeni will prepare the best puliogare / bisibelebath in town !

Mangala will say 5 min...actually take 50 min., but at the end, will prepare amazing sambar and rice.

Vardhan sahaab only believes in FISHHHHHHHHH ! Chicken sucks, rice sucks, daal sucks, sabji sucks...only fish and tons of red wine (along with Pankaj sahaab) !

Visu had started preparing really good chappatis, with some careful tutoring by Pankaj. So, I'm sure he will be the 'chapatti' man.

And finally, the chief chef: Pankaj. I think you must be dying for some good non-veg food. So, the topping of the meal with be some chicken gravy dish. Along with that on one fire, he will preapare some good sabji (curry) on the other fire.

Don't forget to complement all this food with a lot of fun ! And please, NO discussions on "System vs People" to solve India's problems.

Cool guys. Have a GREAT time. These are some of the best times of onsite travel: the fun, bonding and camaraderie of eating and living together. This is your last weekend have a blast ! I will genuinely miss this...


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