Thursday, July 07, 2005


What is it about Friends that makes it so popular. Is it the can
relate to it, and so appeals to me. Could be; Sudeeps old home, was
the adda where we (pesit) friends used to meet, during exams, free time between classes, Anand's juice shop, can't say that I have drunk more than 10 banana juice, but according to popular folklore one friend, now a bouncer, maintained a running account with him.

No, this isn't about 'the adda', that shall be the subject of another post. Rather , how the newer seasons of friends, pale in comparison with the older. The jokes got trite, and the interactions between the characters predictable, the only surprise being who sleeps with who, at the end of the season. This makes you notice the other gripe-worthy things in Friends, like the canned laughter. According
to NBC, people can't recognise humour or an emotional scene if it isn't accompanied by HaHaHa or Oooo. Although true of quite a few folks, including yours truly, after a while, I prefer the laughter to be muted, or banished all together.

Now Jerry Seinfeld, the show shows a lot of promise, have zipped through four seasons, and I am impressed by Kramer's humour(totally whacky ideas - is he a genious or mad, or the obvious mad genious), or Jerry's curious observations at the beginning of the episode, and the aha insight, if I do get the thread of logic which connects the entire episode with the observation. Hope the rest of the 10+ seasons have kept the novelty feature going, and not fallen like the once mighty Friends.


sudeep said...

I seriously cant appreciate the humor of F*R*I*E*N*D*S. Imo, Joey was funny
sometimes,but sorry, I just can't find anything funny in that series.

I always prefer any kind of spoof movies or action comedies to the humor of friends.

But you need some nonsense to keep the show going on.......

I have to watch Seinfield (or seinfeld).
Heard a lot abt it.

Try to watch MTV's Free For All cartoons.
They really make you laugh out loud.

richie said...

I thought there were classics in the first few seasons, but to each his own.

For action comedies, I never used to look beyond good old Jackie Chan.

Will look out for MTV's Free For All cartoons.