Friday, July 15, 2005

Julliet 14th - Indepedence day of France

And I had been to Champs-Elysées which is very near to my apartment here to watch the parades and soldiers and the delightful 6foot+ female blonde soldiers.

I forgot to mention that Champs-Elysées is the happening place of Paris. But it looks empty(very few people) for Bangalore, MGRoad, Forum standards.And when there is no commotion and everything is perfect, we need the imperfection and chaos.

And here at office today, people seem to have taken the word "Independence" very seriously.I am the only BUM in the whole second floor and nobody is around.

I wonder if the English have an Independence Day like many other countries.
If they dont, I can give them a suggestion. Once they get tired of allocating Independence days to other countries , they can celebrate their Independence day.



Raghu said...

Well said sudeep :d!

sudeep said...

thank you maams...hehe